Bug in 2.4.20 kenerl header/ GCC-3.3 is too clever

Steve Martin srm at netcomuk.co.uk
Mon May 26 11:52:50 PDT 2003

Ok, just a heads up.  I know the book will reccommend building the
kernel with gcc-2.95.3 but if, like me, you prefer to use the latest
compiler to hand, gcc-3.3 in this case, there is a bug in ide-cd.h. 
Line 440 declares __u8 short slot_tablelen.  This is fixed in current
pre-release 2.4.21 and declared as __u16 slot_tablelen.

I did not get an error report with any previous version of the compiler
but the code is clearly wrong.  Attached is a patch.  For more
information look here:

Also gcc-3.3 chooses to ignore an extern __inline__ instruction in
net/core/rtnetlink.c.  Patch attached, for more information look here:

Steve Martin <srm at netcomuk.co.uk>

Still can't think of anything witty to write here.
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