[PATCH] ugly binutils- bug

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kdzbn.homelinux.net
Tue May 27 14:46:42 PDT 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:
> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 08:34:09PM -0500, Kelledin wrote:
>> As for that, isn't there a mythical "patched" version of libtool that 
>> prunes out those crappy duplicates?  libtool is the real problem 
>> here--it takes everything wholesale from relevant .la scripts and 
>> doesn't bother to sort any of it out.
> Recent libtools are a lot better. The default behaviour now is to strip 
> out dupes. But it doesn't always work due to Makefile vagaries.
> ltmain.sh contains this:-
> "--preserve-dup-deps) duplicate_deps="yes" ;;"
> so you can tell it to preserve dupes if you want to.
> The real problem is that most libtool using pkg's come with their own 
> libtool, so if it aint a newer version, then you're outta luck :-(
> Greg

Would it be possible to just copy the system /usr/bin/libtool over the
package's libtool script for the problem packages?  (assuming, of course,
that the system libtool is the newer version, which it is in LFS)

I've only done that with a couple of packages (something used to access TI
calculators; the build system for those packages is *horribly* screwed up
-- even though it does use auto* plus libtool, it has hardcoded paths all
over the place, and when you try to make the package, libtool complains
that it doesn't recognize some option flag), but it does work for them.

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