Yet Another New Glibc/Binutils/GCC Failure

John Anthony Kazos Jr. jkazos at
Wed May 28 19:05:36 PDT 2003

>On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 09:55:00PM -0400, John Anthony Kazos Jr. 
>(jkazos at wrote:
> >
> > >John Anthony Kazos Jr. (jkazos at wrote:
> > ><snip snipity snip snip snip>
> > >> Wtf is it trying to use /usr/include/anything? How do I get it to not?
> > >
> > >This is chapter 5, I assume. Did you skip the no_fixincludes patch when
> > >you compiled the first pass of GCC? Seems like a likely culprit...
> >
> > I thought the whole reason you had a new form of Pass 1 GCC compilation
> > instructions was because no-fixincludes made GCC not compile. And I 
> thought
> > that was why you had the instructions for manually removing the installed
> > headers and recopying from GCC's pure ones. Did I mix up instructions or
> > something?
>No. As usual, I stated what I meant in a really crappy way. Sorry. I
>mean did you make sure that you followed the instructions that I (used
>to) have in my book.
>Another thing you might want to look at is to make sure you have
>/stage1/bin at the start of your path, and make sure `hash' returns
>this:   bash: hash: hashing disabled
>Sorry for not speaking clearly.

I checked the hash and the $PATH both, that's okay. And as for the 
instructions, I used what the other person on the list said because your 
files aren't there anymore...

rm -rf ${GCCLIBDIR}/include
[(mkdir $(GCCLIBDOR)/include inserted by me at this point)]
cp ${GCCLIBDIR}/install-tools/include/*.h ${GCCLIBDIR}/include
cp ${GCCLIBDIR}/install-tools/gsyslimits.h \

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