Server Colocation - here we go again

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Fri May 30 10:45:01 PDT 2003

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Gerard Beekmans shocked and awed us all with:
> It's still a good idea yes. The idea of mugs, tshirts and what not has been
> brought up before and I'm not opposed to it at all. All we need is some new
> logos that will look good on t-shirts. is a great place for hosting this kind of thing. it's *free* 
and they handle it all, you just log in and upload your image(s) and select 
what merchandise you want to offer, then set your price. it rocks.

> Maybe we should start a logo contest, the winner will get a free piece of
> merchandise with his winning design.

what's wrong with the existing tux puzzle piece images? or the recently 
uploaded lilo spalsh screen images?

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