Chapter 5 - tcl

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Sep 1 21:21:47 PDT 2003

Greg Schafer wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 03:34:19PM -0400, Jeremy Utley wrote:
>>Greg - you're the toolchain guy - do you have any problems with just 
>>removing the make check on TCL from the book?
> I'm a toolchain kind of guy so I only really care about the toolchain. The
> rest is cruft :-)
> But being serious for a moment, I've stated my case in the plfs hint.
> Personally, I do not run the testsuites for tcl, expect, dejagnu. If they
> always passed or if they weren't so fscking cryptic then I'd probably run
> them more often.
> I still think the whole big picture issue of running the testsuites needs
> further thinking in the context of the book.
> Should the book always run all the test suites?
> Should the book always run only some of the testsuites?
> Should the book only run some of the testsuites some of time?
> I've often thought about the concept of having 2 default builds. A "normal"
> build and a "checking" build (wherein all the testsuites are run).
> The book could give the option to the reader:-
> "now, if you are performing a 'checking' build, run the testsuite for glibc
> by issuing 'make -k check'"   or something like that. And have a paragraph
> in the intro that explains the whole testsuite situation (similar to what we
> have in the plfs hint).
> My scripts are setup that way. Sometimes when I'm testing out a particular
> problem, I may not necessarily need to run the testsuites. I simply set a
> config variable to CHECKING=N and I can save a stack of time.
> Whether this concept of "selective testsuite running" is suitable for the
> book or not, dunno.
> Greg

I was actually thinking about this as well, Greg.  To the LFS community 
in general: The three core parts of the toolchain are GCC, Glibc, and 
Binutils....How would everyone feel if we ran the tests on these 3 
packages only for the book, and perhaps a brief mention of other 
packages that have make checks available for them...So, it would look 
like this:

in GCC, Glibc, and Binutils:

Because this package is so integral to the Linux operating system, we 
want to run it's testsuite.

make check

in other packages:

While for the purposes of the book we choose to not utilize it, this 
package does have a testsuite that can be used.  Run it with the 
following command, if this is your desire:

make check

What do you think guys?


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