LFS Package Freeze + Bison Notes

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Wed Sep 10 21:36:33 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 21:22, Jeremy Utley wrote:
>>Well, judging from my testing, I don't think it'll matter.  The version 
>>of OOo in BLFS won't build at all, EVEN using bison 1.75:
> Ok, even though there has been very little testing, I'll take your test
> to be conclusive (for now at any rate). I'll write off OpenOffice as a
> Bison validator. Let's concentrate on making pwlib work (the other known
> issue).
> I do no want beta software as a matter of principle, so let's get a
> patch into the book that will make pwlib work as Jeremy suggested, I
> back that idea 100%
> I'm also putting a time frame on this issue: Tomorrow (Thursday) evening
> MST (GMT -7) bison will go into freeze too. If no patch has been found
> to be working, we'll leave Bison the way it is and deal with the issue
> after the release of LFS 5.0.
> I will run a test build tomorrow as well and test the various Bison
> patches out there that a) don't break the standard LFS build and b) make
> pwlib work.

If we're just going to worry about pwlib, then the patch referenced in 
bugzilla is known to fix it.  I'll put that on my lfs.org ftp space now, 
and start another test build myself.


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