Suggesions on info needed by newbies

Karen Spearel kas11 at
Fri Sep 12 02:37:37 PDT 2003

First, let me say that I think that LFS is a wonderful resource and
ya'll are to be commended for doing a great service.  The following is
offered as input from someone who isn't a rank beginner but appreciates
the fact that she isn't too far removed from that status in comparison
to most of this readership.  I understand that most people at my level
would prolly be following the 4.1 book...been there, done that, came to
CVS looking for more info.  I hope that by sharing the view from my
limited perspective, what I see as several minor stumbling blocks can be

This may be so trivial that ya'll will laugh...but as I read the
20030911 CVS book, it really isn't stated that you need to be root, at
least on my host (RH9), in order to do things like mount and mke2fs.  So
while most of the intended audience may know this (or know a better
way), my bet is that a meaningful percentage will feel their frustration
level rise as they look in the book for ***exact*** information on
something as basic as this.  Knowing that some folks here don't suffer
fools gladly, I am loath to stray at all from the instructions if I
later might need to ask for support...but I think that ought to mean
that the instructions be complete enough such that if they are followed
to the letter, there is a high probability that things will work
properly.  When the very first hilited command in Chapter 3 fails
because the permissions aren't right, you are off to a very bad start. 
So while this may be trivial to most of you, to the learner it is
distressing.  While I know how to get around the problems, I don't
*know* that my solution is optimal.

What I am suggesting is that somewhere the following questions be

1. Can I start as user "me" or do I need to be a superuser? If I am to
become a superuser, where and for how long? (Chapter 3 intro)
2. Is there a preferred place to put the sources (Chapter 4 Intro)
3. Should I untar now or as needed? (before the end of Chapter 4)
4. How am I going to be sure I have the proper permissions to access 
the files as needed. (Chapter 4 Intro)

I appreciate that hosts systems vary greatly and perhaps only general
guidelines are appropriate.  If this information is covered elsewhere,
at the very least provide a link so the lessers among us can get a warm,
fuzzy feeling as we begin the adventure.  If I am a dunce, tell me so
and I will shut up and blunder ahead in my own semi-educated fashion. ;)

With Best Regards,



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