devpts and the "dejagnu using" testsuites

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Sun Sep 21 08:40:25 PDT 2003

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> >  - if devpts is not available in the host kernel, what are the
> > options for the Ch 5 testsuites?
> Either let them fail, or recompile the host kernel (which IMHO, is
> something to be avoided).

They will not fail (except for that known FAILs), even with devfs on 
host distro and devpts disabled. The problems are on Chapter 6.

> >  - Anderson just filed a bug that suggests, if devpts is not
> > available in the host kernel, "./MAKEDEV -v generic" as opposed to
> >    "./MAKEDEV -v generic-nopty" makes it work at least for Ch 6
> I don't think so.  MAKEDEV -v generic creates static pty entries, and
> I'm not 100% sure that the tests will work with the static entries.

I know now why my tests work when I run ./MAKEDEV -v pty. I have this on 
my kernel .config file:

# CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS is not set

In other words, I have PTY support enabled even without DEVPTS (bad 
thing, I know). I will disable PTY support and see if the problem still 

Anderson Lizardo

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