The devpts issue

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Sun Sep 21 14:16:53 PDT 2003

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> The real problem here, is when people are using their LFS systems as
> a base, and their LFS systems do not support devpts, because the book
> never enforced that before.  To put it bluntly, there are 3
> possibilities, not 5 like Anderson mentions:

That was just my detailed report ;-). Put (1) and (2) on the same case, 
and remove the 4th case (because it needs the "generic" option for 
MAKEDEV, which is not what you want).

> Host has devpts support:  mount the devpts system under chroot
> Host does NOT have devpts support, but does have devfs support: 
> mount the /dev/pts portion of devfs into the chroot with a mount
> --bind

This enforces a 2.4 host kernel. Is it what we want?
Anderson Lizardo

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