Website Mini Manifesto RC1

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Jan 1 21:26:18 PST 2004

Joel Miller wrote:

>>> content and presentation will be used to ensure a consistent design. 
>>> LFS
>>> developers are in principal free to modify minimal content (eg. spell
>> s/are in principal free/are, in principal, free/
>> s/eg./e.g./
> I feel that you should stick to one of these or the other throughout 
> the whole document. Personally I like the Latin "e.g." but "i.e." 
> works just as well. 

e.g. means exempli gratia -- "for example"
i.e. means id est -- "that is"

They are not really interchangeable.  In this case e.g. seems best to me.

I knew that Latin I took 40 years ago would come in handy some day :)

  -- Bruce

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