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Thomas Reitelbach tr at
Fri Jan 2 09:06:44 PST 2004

Hello again,

as some of you may know i'm working on the german translation of the book.
I'm almost finished with the 1st rough translation and maybe completely 
finished in a week or so. From then on further translations should go faster.

I'd like to add my name and Email to the "Translators" section inside the 
acknowledgements in chapter 1, so that people know who is responsible for the 
german translation and can contact me.

but of course the original english book does not have my name, as well as the 
other translations don't have it. so do we handle this easy and just add my 
name to the german translation or should we be really strict on translation 
and not add my name here?

Ah, btw, have a happy new year :-)

Just because the message may never be received does not mean it is 
not worth sending.
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