Keyboard & mouse - logitech => USB problem

Theo Schneider theo at
Sun Jan 4 01:11:41 PST 2004

Hi Robert,

Robert Palm wrote:

> Hi fellows,
> I have 2 Problems: First one with my logitech keyboard:
> I have no numbersign and apostrophe working in the console. I use
> latin1-de keymap and tried latin1-de-nodeadkeys and us, too but did not
> help. I think the problem is concerning usb (hid). The keyboard works with
> the USB-PS/2 Adpter shipped with my Logitech keyboard with this map
> perfectly.
 --- snip ---

i has the same problem with my Cherry keyboard. 
With kernel-2.6.0 in textconsole the numbersign key switch the console but
in X the key gives the #? With Kernel-2.6.1-rc1 the key dont work in
console and X as it should be?

With showkeys you will see that in kernel-2.4.xx then numbersign gives char.
43 and in kernel-2.6 char 83. 

So i changed the keymap.
unpack /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/qwertz/
change line
keycode  43 = numbersign       apostrophe
keycode  83 = numbersign       apostrophe
pack the keymap and load it.

I hope there will be an official kernel patch in near future.


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