Should the build commands be reinstallable?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Sun Jan 4 16:19:41 PST 2004

Greg Schafer wrote:

> Currently, there is a bunch of packages that fail to reinstall when using
> the book's commands, mainly due to use of "ln -s" instead of "ln -sf".
> There's also a couple of "mkdir" 's instead of "mkdir -p" 's as well. And
> lastly, bzip2 refuses to reinstall unless a "rm -f /usr/bin/bz*" is slipped
> in before the "make install".

I currently use the proposed commands in my ALFS profiles, and the 
"official" LFS profile does it as well, for this very reason. People 
using nALFS to do an install frequently end up rerunning portions of the 
profile, and it's nice to have the commands succeed in spite of having 
been run before.

With that said, I plan on eventually modifying nALFS to not use shell 
commands for things like mkdir, link, chown, chmod, etc., but instead to 
have its own code that can differentiate between an actual error and the 
desired result already being in place. I know that's off-topic for this 
list, but thought I'd mention it anyway for those who may be interested.

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