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Mon Jan 5 13:19:35 PST 2004

LFS Development List <lfs-dev at> schrieb am 05.01.04 16:38:47:
> i just finished with LFS/cvs (1/4/2004), and i suppose this probably has more 
> to do with the kernel than you guys, but i configured my kernel *without* 
> devfs, yet it always mounts it at boot time.
> and i get a bunch of errors about my devices not being there.
> anyways, i flagged it with devfs=nomount, and it works fine.
> any ideas?
> cool distro.
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Well, I persume you should turn off devfs support in the Kernel:

So do a "make menuconfig" and go to

FileSystems -> PseudoFilesystems -> [ ] /dev file system support (OBSOLETE)

That might eliminate your Problem.


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