Linux 2.4.2{3,4} + vulnerabilities.

Ken Moffat ken at
Mon Jan 5 14:12:54 PST 2004

On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Robert Palm wrote:

> This is a good idea, although it might also be good directly step over 2.4 to 2.6. I do not see any reason to stick at 2.4 Kernel.
> Robert

Umm, do you follow the kernel mailing list ?  The same vulnerability is
in 2.6.  Linus has apparently put a fix into his BK tree, but no new
release candidate yet.  Just for a starter, the following still seem to
be giving problems for some people: framebuffers, disk throughput, mouse
responsiveness when X is started.

Kryten: This is a job for Riviera Kid!

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