grub-0.93 bug

Mr Amit Mehrotra mehrotraamit at
Tue Jan 6 14:49:48 PST 2004

> First of all there is nothing broken, so there is
nothing to correct.

Meaning? The fact that grub does not guess the size of
the RAM correctly qualifies as "nothing broken"?!

> Secondly, just as a guess, do you think there are
more machines running 1GB or more in them or more
machines running under 1GB. After think about that,
then ask yourself which method *should* be the default
which should require a config switch.

If grub does not get the RAM size right, IMO
--disable-auto-linux-mem-opt should be the default
option no matter what. Grub should not make
assumptions that the kernel will find the correct RAM
configuration even with the wrong mem=xxx boot option.

My $0.02


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