Possible errors in Coreutils commands (chapter 6)

Duarte Cordeiro Duarte.Cordeiro at netcabo.pt
Wed Jan 7 02:19:00 PST 2004

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> Hi,
> I am part-way through my first LFS build.  I have a couple of 
> queries about the coreutils commands in Chapter 6.
> 1.  I do not understand this command
> ln -s test /bin/[
> Maybe the result will be useful later, but at the time the 
> command was executed, it simply linked '/bin/[' to 'test' 
> when 'test' did not exist on my system.
> I have read http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/faq/#wrong-ln-s-command,
> but it did not help me.
> 2. This is really minor and may be due to some error by me.
> The command
> mv /usr/bin/{install,ln,ls,mkdir,mkfifo,mknod,mv,pwd} /bin
> complains that 'mv' does not exist.  In fact, 'mv' was 
> already in /bin.
Have you done the bash +h thingy ?

As I see it, linux complains that doesn't finds mv (that's on /tools at the
begginning of chapter 6, but is moved to /bin later on).
If you read throught the manual, you'll find out that bash hashes the
commands in path by default, meaning that if it finds first mv on /tools and
then is later moved to /bin, it complains about not finding it even if /bin
is in your path.
If you run the command above you'll disable bash hashing, and everything
will be corrected.

But... Still doesn't explains why it disappeared from /tools/bin or why it
was already on /bin ...

Or maybe it has nothing to do with what I said :)

Hope it helps,


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