Possible errors in Coreutils commands (chapter 6)

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Wed Jan 7 03:50:55 PST 2004

John Green wrote:
> 1.  I do not understand this command
> ln -s test /bin/[
> Maybe the result will be useful later, but at the time the command was
> executed, it simply linked '/bin/[' to 'test' when 'test' did not exist
> on my system.

Where is your test binary?  At the time you run this ln command, there 
*should* be one in /bin and one in /tools.  Is it still in /usr/bin?

One of the mv commands (the one after the one that complained to you) is 

mv /usr/bin/{sleep,stty,su,test,touch,true,uname} /bin

which moves test from /usr/bin into /bin.

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