Should the build commands be reinstallable?

DJ Lucas dj at
Wed Jan 7 15:08:50 PST 2004

Greg Schafer wrote:

> Currently, there is a bunch of packages that fail to reinstall when using
> the book's commands, mainly due to use of "ln -s" instead of "ln -sf".
> There's also a couple of "mkdir" 's instead of "mkdir -p" 's as well. And
> lastly, bzip2 refuses to reinstall unless a "rm -f /usr/bin/bz*" is slipped
> in before the "make install".
> So should we have an official policy on this? 

I'm only a couple of days late in reply to this thread, but I thought it 
worth mentioning a little history.  What was the way to build a 'clean' 
LFS system before you and Ryan buckled down on PLFS?  Do chapter 6 agian 
right over the top of itself.  I think that may have something to do 
with the reason for the 'ln -sf's and 'mkdir -p's.

> It's easy enough to make the
> changes but do we really want to? A downside to the "ln -sf" 's is that the
> first time reader may not see an error that would otherwise show up if they
> made a typo.

IMO it's not necessary anymore.

-- DJ

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