LFS 5.1

DJ Lucas dj at lucasit.com
Wed Jan 7 22:46:51 PST 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Note: Bug 333 looks like it can be combined with bug 325.

Is anyone else working on these 2 ATM?  I've not heard from conathan in 
a couple of weeks on the lists, but lfs-bootscripts-1.13-conathan-rc4 
implements all of 325 and even a simple workaround for 333.  It also 
includes the netmountfs script, but that's easily ripped out and been 
put in BLFS already anyways, tho I'd still like to see it in LFS.  There 
were a couple of maybe better suggestions on 333...personally I like 
putting in a sleep statement as opposed to the read, but I think 10 is a 
little long.

For me, (and in Nathans's rc4..least I think he put it in there) I put a 
workaround in funcitons that allows you to set a variable for this. 
Currently if $ERRWAIT == 1, it does what was always done (easily 
changable), but I also added a very simple logging function that else 
$ERRWAIT != 1 it keeps on going. No stop, and just logs it to a file 
(/var/log/lfs-shutdown.log) with date and time.  I did this with 
headless systems in mind.  Might be kinda silly I guess, but it works 
for me.  Any other or better ideas?

Further...any interest on making them a little nicer looking?  I seen a 
bootdisk (the partimage system rescue cd) that does nice colors and 
allows for errors and warnings, so I mimiced it in my own 
functions...sort of.  INIT messages are separated from the script echo 
functions [func_echo(), warn_echo(), and fail_echo()] by prefixing the 
scripts echos with a green "  *  " (or yellow *** or red ***** for warn 
and fail).  No more need for the sed in sysvinit either as the INIT 
messages stick out like a sore thumb.  A 'sleep 1' and 'dmesg -n 3' in 
rcsysinit/S05dmesg, and my boot looks real clean and colorful.  :-)

> I suspect the XML overhaul and glibc 2.3.3 should be postphoned to 5.2, 
> otherwise everything looks quite doable to me.

Same here...think 2.3.3 is probably okay, but it's awful close to 
release to try and thoroughly test the new glibc.  I've been using it 
for a while now, but not in anything other than recent LFS hosts.  How's 
it do with say an old RH-7x or soemthing along those lines?

My longwinded, runon and on opinions.

-- DJ

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