LFS 5.1

Nathan Coulson conathan at conet.dyndns.org
Wed Jan 7 00:39:36 PST 2004

> Nathan Coulson wrote:
>> whoops, been busy.  [and haven't bothered putting my stuff back after I
>> rebuilt my server].  I never got much input on my work other then you
>> [DJ]
>> and Zeplin anyway, and J_Man [jeremy?] wanted to just redo everything.
>> I'll see if I can clean up what I got, and repost it, and if I meet
>> J_Man
>> [jeremy?] online, I'll see what he wants to add.
> Or see if he's gotten anywhere on the rewrite.

for what I want to do anyway, I'll throw that optional stop on error line.

Is there a replacement for read?  I mean, we could simply try to read in a
single key.  (I dont konw of any program that does that).

>> I dont remember adding that, but sure.  Where would a bootscript
>> configuration file go?
> Handled the same as the columns (directly in functions) but that might
> have been in one of the mails that got returned.

I was talking on irc, what about /etc/sysconfig/bootconfig?

>> what happens if something happens after mountfs on shutdown?
> in swap, localnet, or halt/reboot?  The log file may still be a bad
> idea, but if something is going wrong in those three then you probably
> need to stop everything and see the error anyways. :-)
> -- DJ

localnet and halt should have no problems,  I guess if it fails to
unmount, then it'll still be readwriteable [except it turns it into
readonly after],  swap shouldn't be a problem...

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