Natan nvivo at
Thu Jan 8 03:04:00 PST 2004

Amanda Lynn Rossmiller wrote:
> i just finished with LFS/cvs (1/4/2004), and i suppose this probably has more 
> to do with the kernel than you guys, but i configured my kernel *without* 
> devfs, yet it always mounts it at boot time.
> and i get a bunch of errors about my devices not being there.
> anyways, i flagged it with devfs=nomount, and it works fine.
> any ideas?

I don't know if it's right... but i remember reading the devfs 
documentation, and i that devfs actually only reflects an organized 
structure that the kernel already have inside it to a filesystem, if 
this is correct, it shouldn't matter if you mount the filesystem or not, 
devfs should always exist inside the kernel even if you compile it 
without support, just like the proc filesystem. the support you enable 
in the kernel is just to be able to mount it, not for it existence.

as i said, i don't know if it is right, but it is what i remember...

why it is mounted automatically, maybe your fstab have an entry for it 
or you compiled the kernel with the option to automatically mount it on 


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