[ANNOUNCE] gsbuild - an LFS Test Build Framework

Greg Schafer gschafer at zip.com.au
Thu Jan 8 05:20:53 PST 2004


Ok, the subject is really just a fancy name for YABS (yet another build
script :-) But this one has a few nice features that may be of interest to
the general LFS community.

As previously mentioned, it uses lfscmd to extract build commands directly
from the LFS XML sources. It also contains my iteration comparison stuff.

Even if I say so myself, this thing has huge testing potential. The
possibilities are endless. To give an example, I've often thought the Ch 5
pass2 builds of gcc and binutils are possibly overkill. With this tool, I
can see if they actually make a difference! If they make no difference as
confirmed by the ICA results from a good cross range of build hosts, then
why the hell are we doing them? This is just an example, I haven't actually
performed said test. Another scenario is to test and document the build
order rationale. This is the perfect tool for the job! That's just a few :-)

Anyway, I've put it up here for folks to check out:


Feedback welcome.

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