personality schmersonality ( WAS Re: util-linux-2.12 troubles )

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu Jan 8 16:33:46 PST 2004

> Interesting. Someone once suggested that the sanity check at the
> glibc lockin stage should be changed from:
> gcc dummy.c
> to
> cc dummy.c
> so that folks who forget the symlink will get caught earlier.
> After your experience I'd say it's probably not a bad idea.
> I think I'll stick this in
> the book. Cross posted to -dev so folks know what's going on.

Makes sense... though people may get confused thinking their gcc built
incorrectly from the results of the sanity check (they'll be using
the hosts cc) even though their new one is probably OK.

Additional note to the sanity check here would
be good stating if sanity check fails, check your cc->gcc symlink
then re run the sanity check.


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