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Thu Jan 8 17:04:15 PST 2004

On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

> Hi Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational. You said the following on 01/09/04
> 00:14:
> >
> >>From a recent post in another thread, I *think* he may be only seriously
> > looking at things that are cc'd to him ATM (started new job I gather and
> > has been pressed for time). So I suggest that you cc him.
> And seeing that we now have enough developers to move forward without
> Gerard, we should do so. The change was discussed on the lists and if it
> is approved by the other developers, you should feel free to commit the
> change.

I agree. I recall the thread, but not whether there was substantial
agreement. If there was, I think we only need to *inform* G.(cc) that it
will be done *with* more-than-adequate-lead-time to allow him to object
if desired. The only difference in this and other types of changes is
its size and a major shift in "style" (well, some sections).

> Bill, is something like this in the manifesto?

No. Doesn't belong there (at least until it has a policy section). The
edit team's statement could contain something about this in it's
policies (don't know yet).

But I can say that the impetus behind the org setup included avoidance
of delays when G. or others were not available. So I stick my neck out
and suggest the following.

If the editors will get together and review/confirm the posts and
determine that there was *substantial* agreement by most that it should
be applied, they should *schedule* its introduction into CVS.

Post to G. the anticipated date and a URL to the new contents (he
probably would have to search for the original, I know I would). Try to
allow 3-4 days (maybe excessive, but can't hurt).

If he does not post an objection, apply it and everyone proceeds working
the new stuff.

I suggest that one of the editors volunteer to coordinate a summary
and decision process.

Bill Maltby,
LFS Organizational
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