LFS 5.1

Robert Day zarin at localhost.localdomain
Fri Jan 9 03:58:15 PST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 19:59, Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:

> >From experience most of the CVS glibc's I've pulled since march/april have
> worked a treat (w linuxthreads) against any kernel I've built
> it on.
> /me reckons upgrade is safe... but of course just my $0.02 FWIW ;-)

Dunno it if twas just my dumb bad luck, a bad filesystem before the
switch or what...   but a 120 gig EXT3 filesystem, after converting to
2.6 kernel (just install in place of 2.4 on a running LFS) and booting
it, I startd getting ext3 errors, and in the end, the filesystem went so
corrupt that it died...  totally..  as in fsck gave me a "/ inod is not
a directory" error (or some such thing)

End result, 2 months of LFS building out the window, and I am running on
Mandrake to get email, and start the rebuild process... again.

I wonder if maybe the ext3 error handling code is not as nice as it was
in 2.4?

  Rob Day (BOFH)

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