which kernel headers where

R. Quenett qcal at quen.net
Sun Jan 11 15:13:28 PST 2004

I'm having a problem understanding (more than) a couple things about the  
lfs5.0 placement of the (2.4.24 in my case) kernel headers in 
/usr/include.  The way I read the famous '_don't_use_symlinks_' post, 
Linus Torvalds has some kernel headers somewhere in /usr/src/linux.

Ok, maybe it's only because I can't read or think, or fat fingered my 
recent hunt 'n peck lfs5.0 that they wound up in /usr/include for me.  
I've not noticed any problems (with 2.6.1, either) but I also deleted 
(or never created) /usr/src/linux and that got me to wondering how I can 
be sure that the 2.4.24 headers in /usr/include 'are the ones that [will] 
be used' when other packages are compiled.

I haven't done adequate research on this, but I did do a quick 'n dirty 
check of the faq, some of the lfs archives, and I googled a bit.  I saw 
some references to kernel headers, symlinks, and things like --with-linux-
kernel-headers=/usr/include/linux (don't know if every package allows 
setting this or, if yes, how _I_ would remember to always do it).

But I couldn't put my finger on the discussion which might lead to 
a clearer idea of which headers should go where. I'd appreciate if
someone could help me either find the discussion or understand why
it's not of any concern.  Thanks.

I did a bit more research (including reading (!=understanding) much
of the august/october 'header' threads on lfs-dev (which are why this is
on lfs-dev, sorry if it's the wrong list)) before I posted this, but I'm
not much further ahead finding an answer satisfactory to me to the basic
question which is puzzling me at the moment:  which kernel headers should
I have where and how do I make sure the proper set are used as and when.
(For that matter, how do I know at any time which set was used?)

Eg, I -could- just recompile 2.4.24 in /usr/src/linux or copy/symlink the 
headers from /usr/include to /usr/src/linux/include.  But this (from 
http://www.samba.org/~cyeoh/fhs-2.3-beta.pdf, p30): '15. Generally, source 
should not be built within [the /usr/src] hierarchy' has me wondering.

Then, there's the sanitized 2.6 header discussions.  Waaay over my head.

Is there a more recent thread I haven't found yet or another resource 
that someone would be willing to point me at or, perhaps, someone would 
like to throw me a concrete life-preserver?



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