LFS 5.1

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Sun Jan 11 22:25:31 PST 2004

Robert Day wrote:
> Dunno it if twas just my dumb bad luck, a bad filesystem before the
> switch or what...   but a 120 gig EXT3 filesystem, after converting to
> 2.6 kernel (just install in place of 2.4 on a running LFS) and booting
> it, I startd getting ext3 errors, and in the end, the filesystem went so
> corrupt that it died...  totally..  as in fsck gave me a "/ inod is not
> a directory" error (or some such thing)


> I wonder if maybe the ext3 error handling code is not as nice as it was
> in 2.4?

One question, did you compile alsa drivers in?
The only reference to filesystem corruption with 2.6 I could find turned
up on the alsa list...

Not too sure if its fixed for 1.0.1 + 2.6.0/2.6.1

( I hope so, thats what I'm running, just copy
alsa-driver-x.x.x/alsa-kernel/include into
the kernel source at linux-2.6.1/include/sound and the remainder
under alsa-kenel (bar Documentation) into linux-2.6.1/sound )

I'll have a bit more of a burrow through google, see if it only
affects ext3 (I'm running either ext2 or reiserfs on my partitions)

HTH, if anyone else has any concrete info would love to hear from

 Best Regards

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