which kernel headers where

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Sun Jan 11 23:37:10 PST 2004

> I'm having a problem understanding (more than) a couple things about the
> lfs5.0 placement of the (2.4.24 in my case) kernel headers in
> /usr/include.  The way I read the famous '_don't_use_symlinks_' post,
> Linus Torvalds has some kernel headers somewhere in /usr/src/linux.

/usr/src/linux was traditionally a symlink to your kernel source.
The whole thing about the "don't use symlinks" argument was that if
you created symlinks from /usr/include pointing into your kernel source
( for include/linux and asm ) when you swapped kernels and repointed
your /usr/src/linux symlink, /usr/include/asm and linux would be pointing
at a different set of kernel headers than what glibc was built against.

That is why they are copied out of the kernel source tree into
so that the definitions don't change from what glibc and the rest of
expect and have been built against.

> Ok, maybe it's only because I can't read or think, or fat fingered my
> recent hunt 'n peck lfs5.0 that they wound up in /usr/include for me.
Yep, as it should be

> I've not noticed any problems (with 2.6.1, either) but I also deleted
> (or never created) /usr/src/linux and that got me to wondering how I can
> be sure that the 2.4.24 headers in /usr/include 'are the ones that [will]
> be used' when other packages are compiled.

Because you copied them there. Unless you specify CPPFLAGS of
-I/usr/src/linux/include (and you don't want to do that) the compiler will
never look in the kernel tree for headers, only

${prefix}/lib/gcc-lib/${target}/${gcc_version}/include (gcc's includes)
${prefix}/${target}/include (where you'd stick target system headers if
and /usr/include

> I haven't done adequate research on this, but I did do a quick 'n dirty
> check of the faq, some of the lfs archives, and I googled a bit.  I saw
> some references to kernel headers, symlinks, and things like
> kernel-headers=/usr/include/linux (don't know if every package allows
> setting this or, if yes, how _I_ would remember to always do it).

We point at the copied kernel headers under /tools/include when building
glibc chapter 5 as we have placed them in a non-standard directory.
We don't want to use the hosts headers.
After the toolchain is built ch5 everything looks after itself.


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