new layout for the book (Gerard?)

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Mon Jan 12 09:31:16 PST 2004

Hi Gerard Beekmans. You said the following on 01/12/04 18:21:
> Maybe we ought to put somebody in place who can take care of layout and
> style issues like this and can work independantly? Sure there'll still
> be the proper discussion as with everything, but when something is
> decided, said person can just go ahead and do whatever needs to be done.

I think Alex would be the layout-and-style dude since that is where most 
of his work is concentrating on. Perhaps he can work closer with 
Matthew, who's working on the new XML?

>>Also, as much as I like what Alex is trying to do, it is not on the 
>>roadmap or "seen" by any of the other editors and detracts from the 
>>things we all have decided to work on.  If anything, it should be 
>>included with the XML redesign as I think it is a good fit there.  This 
>>is probably one of the reasons why "it got lost" in the shuffle.

Not everything has to be on the roadmap, although it would certainly 
help. Alex, what kind of changes do you want to work on? Perhaps it's 
more productive to discuss them now, reach consensus (I think Bill 
suggested a 66% majority) and put them on the roadmap? That way you can 
work on the items in your own speed and commit them without these long 

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