new layout for the book

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Mon Jan 12 15:19:10 PST 2004

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> I like the compacted version.

Thanks.  :)

> I agree the TOC needs to be more verbose

It will be.  The on-line version was locally produced, with a different
lfs.dsl file.

> As for implementation of this new layout, I think it's better served to
> get this into the new xml-rewrite (what's the status on that anyway I
> kind of lost track). Better in the way of less chance of messing up the
> current book (this is not because I don't trust your work Alex, but
> because we're all human) so we can get LFS-5.1 out quicker.

My patch doesn't touch any of the commands, it just moves the auxiliary
sections about.  But yes, conceded, I do make many mistakes, when I'm in
hurry.  But even when you don't trust me, I think you can trust Bruce and
Greg, and fivehundred others looking over our shoulders, to find the flaws,
if there are any.

> Now that the 2.6 kernel is out, LFS-6 seems a little closer. Upon
> evaluation maybe this implementation of a new book layout is best served
> for the lfs-6 release?

No, no, no -- no more postponing.  Let's do things when they can be done.

> LFS-6 is planned to go to print too again, a new
> layout has to go in it to keep the page count down a little.

Then let's test this new layout as soon as possible, so we have all the more 
time to optimize it.

> Having that said, I am not against it showing up in LFS-5.1 at all.

Then it is going in RSN.  Will be making requested adjustments later.


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