The \ problem (or annoyance), and a fix proposal

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On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Duarte Cordeiro wrote:

> Hi,
> This problem seems common.
> <snip>

> The recommendation:
>   While you're at it (telling users to type commands by the book) explain to
> them what's the backslash propose, and if they type the command all-in-one
> line, that they need to remove it. I would put a reminder (like: remember,
> if you type everything in one line, remove the backslashes) in the first 2
> or 3 times in appears in the book.
> It surely doesn't harm anyone, and it clarifies its use.
> Hope I was helpfull,

I would vote *against* this proposal. This is because the book's
intended audience is "intermediate-to-advanced" users. And the book has
introductory text at the front advising newer users on some needed

Also, IIRC, there is some text about copy-n-paste, typing exactly as
shown (I could be wrong on these) and so forth.

As a long-time watcher of the various lists, my feeling is that a
relatively *small* (I mean, really *miniscule*) percentage of posts are
caused by this problem.

Following some reasonable path about what to include or not, I believe
really infrequent items need not be addressed. Otherwise the book would
grow into a monstrosity.

>  DC
> PS: sorry for my lame english ;)

I didn't note any lameness there, unlike some of the servers that lead
to the LFS site (easydns).

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