new layout for the book (Gerard?)

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Tue Jan 13 15:25:19 PST 2004

On Tue, 13 Jan 2004 22:24:58 +0100
Alex Groenewoud <alex at> wrote:

> Jeroen Coumans wrote:
> > I think Alex would be the layout-and-style dude since that is where
> > most of his work is concentrating on.
> I wouldn't say that I'm concentrating on layout and style, but on the
> flow of things, on the order and the structure.  It involves a little
> bit of presentation, yes, but I only look at the results with
> Konqueror, Mozilla and Links -- I don't use PDF and have no idea if
> the book renders any good in that.
> > Perhaps he can work closer with Matthew, who's working on the new
> > XML?
> It seems I will have to.  But when I saw Matthew mkdir chapter0[1-9]/,
> hard-coding chapter numbers again, I kind of despaired.

So you'd just rather have a single lfsbook.xml file then?  If not then
what would you prefer.  I've been open to suggestions for ages on
precisely this structuring of the source files.  Why did you decide to
wait until (long) *after* I'd done the deed to raise your concerns? 
Still, it can always be changed again if that's what the rest of the
editors feel is required.  But at the moment they (and myself) have
nothing to compare it against.  D'ya wanna provide an alternative
suggestion so we can get the ball rolling on this?



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