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Wed Jan 14 05:06:50 PST 2004

On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Jeroen Coumans wrote:

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> > This should not be an issue at this time. You have posted frequently for
> > an extended period requesting input and feedback. IMO, keep your current
> > structures for the time being, get the stuff integrated and publication
> > ready and let work on other needed areas proceed.
> >
> > *Then* at a later date, all can take a look and see if a substantial
> > restructuring is warranted.
> >
> > This is best, IMO, considering all things, like 5.1 approaching, 6.0 not
> > too much further away and avoidance of punishment for the guiltless.  :)
> 6.0 is still very far away; . The restructuring should happen *now*; it
> has been discussed every since Alex first came out with his alternative
> book. The bug it refers to has been filed more then a year ago, and was
> discussed and approved multiple times. Please don't delay this again. As
> you know, 6.0 is also up for printing, so we should make it the best
> release *ever*, including everything we have learnt and come up with
> over the last years. Something as fundamental as the structure should be
> in 6.0.
> Also, I thought it was agreed that there would be a "Proof of Concept"
> for the XML branch first (or have I missed it?). This should leave us
> enough room for restructuring.

Well it is not the only thing that has been underway for a long time.
Everyone has seen comment offered on Alex's work when requested and one
would think the Matthew's work deserved the same consideration. For one
to come in at this time, when Matthew's work has made good progress, and
object to the physical(?) layout, is really quite tardy.

The objection I pose is *not* to Alex's layout, content or style
changes. I feel fine with those going in. But I *do* think the comments
about the physical storage, at this late date, should not be a major
concern and I feel as Matthew stated, effectively, "Where the hell were
you from day one?".

That is the restructuring I'm referring to, not Alex's content, style or
layout. I see no reason why Matthew should essentially abandon his
effort and see what he has gained shredded because one person focused
elsewhere doesn't like that physical layout.


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