plans and wishes

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Thu Jan 15 14:12:21 PST 2004

On Jan 14 Wed 11:59, Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> Give us a proposed order and I'll see if it builds from RH6.x.

Ncurses bash coreutils diffutils findutils gawk gettext grep gzip make
patch perl sed tar texinfo for the tools.

M4 autoconf automake ncurses bash bison bzip2 coreutils diffutils
e2fsprogs ed file findutils flex gawk gettext grep groff grub gzip
inetutils kbd less libtool make man modutils nettools patch perl
procinfo procps psmisc sed shadow sysklogd sysvinit tar texinfo
zlib utillinux vim for the final system.

> (if it doesn't, leave it alone)

If it doesn't, please find the order closest to the aplhabetical.

> I'm wary of altering ch5

I'm not.  But then I've got great confidence in the bootstrap of GCC.


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