new layout for the book (Gerard?)

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Thu Jan 15 15:02:53 PST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 22:27:40 +0100
Alex Groenewoud <alex at> wrote:

> But did you take a look at my booss XML stuff?  It's cranky, yes, but
> as flexible as I think the structure should be.

Hmm I've just downloaded it now.  To be honest, the very first thing I
noticed was it's not XML at all (well the XML that's in there is
surrounded by non-standard constructs) and requires python to render it.
When I've got some more time I'll look into the actual structure of the

> It seems you're suffering from the same problem I had: if things are
> not easily visible and in the middle of their path, very few people
> will go and have a look at it and comment on it.

I must admit I don't look at everything all the dev's present either.



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