plans and wishes

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Thu Jan 15 19:03:40 PST 2004

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:

> Well, looks like us test guys have a bit of work on our hands :-)
> Anyone want to join in I have a few little requirements...
> 1) build the test tools first (TCL, Expect, Dejagnu) if your hosts
>    are not current.
> 2) run testsuites for everything
> 3) keep full configure build test and install logs (preferably
>    timestamped)
> 3) prepare to lose a month or two out of your lives.
> 4) NO CHEATING, strict book instructions (unless you're not on x86)

You can simplify this testing process quite a bit by making a copy of 
the "official" LFS profile and using nALFS. If you want to test a 
different build order, just modify the profile order (only have to 
change one file) and send it to the testing team. Should be pretty 
painless, keeps all the logs you require and everyone runs the same set 
of build instructions.

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