plans and wishes

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Sun Jan 18 13:58:20 PST 2004

Don Smith wrote:
> I just don't understand all this effort to get rid of an environment 
> variable that *enhances* the flexibility of the build process, what in 
> most others situations is SOP. This way the user may choose where to 
> build the system an ignore that choice for the remainder of the book, 
> whereas with you solution the user must catch each usage of /lfs and 
> replace it with their own target.

Which would probably lead to more support requests.  And yet we use
/tools and not $TOOLS, and don't get any mails about that.  Except if 
someone _does_ use a different name than /tools and gets bitten by the 
hard-coded specs patch.  What I'm saying is: nearly all follow the 
suggestions of the book, the flexibility isn't needed, doesn't bring 
anything, and only costs time.


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