plans and wishes

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Sun Jan 18 14:11:02 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 13, 2004 at 11:15:25PM +0100, Alex Groenewoud wrote:
> > h) Move the stripping of the binaries from chapter 9 to the end of 
> > chapter 6.
> I see no validity in exiting chroot just to re-enter it.

But that's what's done in 'The End' too.

> > i) Alphabethize the order of the packages as far as possible, mostly 
> > requiring only an extra /bin/gawk and /bin/sed symlink.
> If you have to add instructions, then it seems alphabetical isn't all
> it's cracked up to be.

No extra instructions, just a few extra characters: ",sed" "{" and ",gawk}".

> I have never liked the idea of overwriting files,
> especially when there is no hard reasoning for them existing.

The reasons weren't given, but exist.  I'll try to get them explicit this
time around.

> > j) Change from using $LFS to /lfs.  If we can make a symlink on the
> > host's root dir, we can also make a mount point.
> And lose tons of flexibility.

No tons, just a little.


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