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> Which would probably lead to more support requests.  And yet we use
> /tools and not $TOOLS, and don't get any mails about that.  Except if

You are comparing apples to oranges. Using the /tools symlink is required 
as when one enters chroot the packages installed in chapter five will be 
located in /tools. That is the point of making the /tools symlink in the 
first place. However, the mount point on the host where the lfs files are 
installed to can be located anywhere the user wishes without negatively 
affecting the build process. Thus the $LFS variable so the user can put 
the mount point anywhere they want it to be. Personally, I feel that with 
the creation of the lfs user in the new instructions, we should recommend 
they put the mount point in the lfs user's home directory, but since it 
doesn't matter where they put it, I find it very equally acceptable that 
the book recommends the mount point be created in the /mnt hierarchy 
(where most mount points should be....hint, hint). Alex, your continuing 
crusade to get $LFS changed to /lfs has met with nothing but opposition 
(that I have read anyways) yet you still persist. Perhaps it is time you 
let this one go.

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