plans and wishes

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon Jan 19 05:33:29 PST 2004

> That may be nothing more that the fact that /tools came along later in
> the book's development (just as did /static) and the implementors,
> being focused on the PLFS functionality ATM, didn't think of making
> it a variable. Or maybe it was because /tools appears inside some
> files and the variable affects that?

Nothing so grand. Just a replacement for the old books /static

We could have had a $STAGE1 var, but a var wouldn't work very well
with the toolchain patches :-)
( And those ugly seds I used in the scripts for the patching would
 never fly for the book. )

Plus there would have been the readability/understanding issues at the
time we were pushing for PLFS introduction, at the time for some the
whole PLFS concept was confusing enough without adding further
indirection :-)


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