/etc/hosts and localhost

Jack Brown jbrown at kmts.ca
Mon Jan 19 11:52:16 PST 2004

Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Jack Brown wrote:
>>on my own system I have this:
>>in /etc/sysconfig/network I have:
>>in /etc/hosts I have:
>> localhost.localdomain localhost
>>On the running system:
>>the command "hostname" returns "localhost"
>>the command "hostname --fqdn" returns "localhost.localdomain"
>>the command "dnsdomainname" returns "localdomain"
>>the command "domainname" returns "(none)"
>>...Just in case it maters...
> It does. I use this also. It came from an OP by someone (maybe you?) to
> one of the lists. It passes info to those of us who watch the lists and
> pick up little goodies like this even if the book misses it or chooses
> not to include it.
> *I* thank you for it, even if you were not the OP (last year?)

Thanks for the props Bill. :-)

No, I wasn't the OP, but I think that's where I picked it up as well.

Jack Brown

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