/etc/hosts and localhost

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Mon Jan 19 14:11:55 PST 2004

> Things go in the book when they're proven to be correct. Someone
> prove why NIS/YP domainname is correct for LFS then we reconsider.

Probably more for use for BLFS (or beyond BLFS) than LFS.

I could be wrong but I think you also need domainname set for LDAP
authentication (could be wrong, haven't set up LDAP auth for linux,
cyrus SASL is a pain )

I kinda like using the automounter myself and only managing one set
of user data.

Damned handy for having your home directory follow you around,
having your tarballs/projects/whatever directory magically mount
itself from an arbitrary system.

Of course you'd only use it on a **well** protected network ;-)

But like I said, adding nis domainname to the network scripts/config is


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