New Glibc is in

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Mon Jan 19 22:15:56 PST 2004


Subject says all. So is new perl, kbd and most worrisome of all, the new
shadow. I don't trust the shadow package, never have. It all appears to work
but I've only briefly tested it in a chroot and not "for real". I hope there
are no gaping security holes in it.

The new Glibc should be fine. I've tested quite extensively so am reasonably
confident. Knowing my luck, the Glibc dev's will release a damn new tarball
tomorrow :-/

A new coreutils posixver patch is up. I made some typos in the comments of
the original one.

Big thankyou to the mirror sites who have volunteered their services for the
Glibc tarball. But I honestly thought there'd be more. Please mail Gerard
if you can help out.

And most importantly folks, please test! Thanks.


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