plans and wishes

Alex Groenewoud alex at
Tue Jan 20 13:37:30 PST 2004

Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
> For the record will be testing changes,


> but trust me I'll be cursing
> the names of all "alphabetical ch5" people to the stars for every
> hour spent re-inventing the currently perfectly functioning wheel,

No one is forcing you.  But maybe this will be ... a useful lesson: to
keep notes, especially of why certain things don't work.  :|

> The "alphabetical order" people I believe have just volunteered to
> burn their own time building and testing (everything, including initial
> binutils and gcc) from an old distro. If I'm gonna have to do it,
> YOU'RE gonna have to do it.

My Duron is running full tilt most of the time.  It's just now 
installing Glibc in chapter five.


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