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Tue Jan 20 15:56:30 PST 2004

Alex Groenewoud said the following on 20-1-2004 23:08:
> But I haven't yet heard a single valid argument against /lfs, nor a 
> valid one in favour of $LFS (apart from the doubtful educational one), 
> just opinions.  And I have a few arguments that speak for /lfs:
> 1) one can't forget to set it,
> 2) mistyping it will most probably produce an error message
> 3) it makes the book a little shorter, getting rid of newbie-type 
> explanations.

I second that. No flexibility is lost (a symlink is just as effective). 
It reduces the chance for errors. No educational value is lost since our 
target audience should be aware of variables.

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