Shadow regression against 4.0.3

Jeroen Coumans jeroen at
Wed Jan 21 02:49:26 PST 2004

Boris Buegling said the following on 20-1-2004 21:05:

> On 19.01.2004, Greg Schafer created this extraordinary piece of modern literature:
>>Umm, sorry. Setting CFLAGS in the LFS book is (currently) unacceptable. Maybe
> For what reason? If you are afraid of ppl screwing with optimization,
> that's pointless, ppl can screw with all kinds of variables in LFS and
> there is no reason to believe that CFLAGS is a special case. That said,

A standard LFS-build ensures a clean environment for correct building of 
software, thus all variables are known. If people change these 
themselves they're on their own.

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