i18n for bootscripts

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Wed Jan 21 10:12:08 PST 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, James Robertson wrote:

> Bill Maltby, LFS Organizational wrote:

> This brings up a good question.  What do we consider to be mainstream?
> LFS is in english, but we are a worldwide community so I would think
> that I18N would be important.  We install I18N as part of Glibc and
> gettext.  LFS is also mostly x86, but we do try to worry about the other
> arch's out there.  This is probably best in a new thread.

Too late! You already hi-jacked it!  ;)

Anyway, the issue of which language(s) has arisen before and there have
been some arguments that mention "de-facto standards" and "convention".
Since little can be found to rebut these things, it seems that English
holds sway as "mainstream" (although there have been some disagreements
about "British" vs. "American").

The *only* issue I have with the two "dialects" is trying to achieve
consistency in spelling. The more I read, the more I spell in British
style and the less confident I become that I am spelling *anything*
right because I can no longer tell the two apart.

Regardless, I think we want to let this sleeping dog lie. There is not
much to be gained I think. And I'm not sure how much interest there
would be in having i18n as part of the LFS base product. With hints,
TLDP, ... it makes me think we'd spend an inordinate amount of energy to
accomplish in the book that which is available as "on-going education
for the user" already.

> James

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