i18n for bootscripts

M.Canales.es macana at lfs-es.org
Wed Jan 21 13:37:03 PST 2004

El Mié 21 Ene 2004 21:02 Bill's LFS Login escrbió:
> Fortunately, there are translation projects for several languages. I
> don't know what they have done regarding bootscripts.

For the spanish translation this issue is sleeping in the TODO for two years 
now, due to lack of time :-/

> You might want to check the LFS website for some of those translation
> projects and find out if they have done anything with the bootscripts
> using i18n tools. They may also provide valuable help and testing for
> your hint effort.

For the official package, a set of .po files (or other method) that translate 
the boot messages to different languages depending of the LANG variable may be 
cool. If the framework is done, surelly many folks will send the needed lines 
to see the messages in their own language.

But for the users that don't know english very well is better have translated 
(and amplied, if needed) the comments that are inside the scripts. This is a 
work for us, the translators: make available an alternate lfs-bootscript 
package full translated together with the translated version of the LFS book.

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