plans and wishes

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed Jan 21 15:22:14 PST 2004

> Heh, I sense some dejavu here. Check this out:
> They're finally experiencing the pain we've already been through and
> are even looking at our new build method!

Yep, its the one out of thousands I recieved that wasn't offering to
enlarge my penis.
Considered replying to it but

a) I don't want to end up on the spam lists which are obviously
triggered by every mail that hits that list.
b) After butting their head against the brick wall for a while they'll
ask for our help if they need it.

I think the level of pre-planning, thought, considerations and fault
tolerance that went into the overall PLFS concept appears a little lost
on them... but then I guess I never really ever explained the
conceptual framework behind how this came about and what was trying to
be achieved... not that easy to get for the uninitiated or for those
that weren't there from the ground up (who gathered what the deal was

I'm currently trying to scratch something together along those lines
from the reams of scribbled notes, A3 sized spaghetti diagrams to try
to explain the reasoning behind the whole deal
( and hopefully explain the reasoning I used for current ch5 order
(which I should have revisited a while ago...) I think my flippant comments
about putting it together in a 1am hack fest has been
misconstrued as a trial-and-error fudge... there was method behind
the madness)

Even then I don't think I'll do justice to how much was taken into
account... will post it at some point for reference, a canned history
of PLFS with the rationale and reasoning behind how it.

I've never been good at explaining myself in print, always work best in
a Q&A environment, so it could take me a bit...


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